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What is an Introducing Broker?

An introducing broker is an individual or organization that has a direct relationship with a client but does not deal with trade execution and back office services. The IB arranges the client to take trades through a broker.


Generate ongoing revenue with IX Social

When you become an Introducing Broker with INFINOX and IX Social, you open a new stream of revenue opportunities.

Introduce your audience to INFINOX by using tracking links specific to you. You can then generate money by two methods; earn a commission on each lot traded or receive a rebate on each lot traded.

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With INFINOX, you can get rebates:

Up to

20 USD

per lot

How do you get paid/earn revenue?

All your rebates are paid directly into your rebate account.

Here you can monitor all your commission on a state-of-the-art IB Portal, that we create for you, at zero cost.

Withdrawals are quick and easy, you can simply withdraw to your bank account or transfer back to your trading account. We pride ourselves on our partnerships and ensure that all payments are paid on time, so you can manage your cash flow.

Why become an Introducing Broker?

  • Bespoke Introducing Broker Portal
    Access marketing materials and all required data to learn about your clients

  • Live Client Tracking
    Track your clients trading performance and help them in their trading journey

  • Regular Rebate
    Consistent payments paid directly to your bank account of choice

  • Partnership Manager
    You’ll be assigned a dedicated manager that you can contact at any time

  • Multi-Asset Offering
    Your clients will have access to the most popular and widely traded financial instruments

  • Dedicated Tracking Links
    Ensure that all your clients are accounted for by using our tracked links


Why Your Clients Will Love INFINOX

We know that we have to look after your clients, only then will your business grow.

Our clients love trading with us, we know your clients will!

  • Multi Regulation
    Trust & Confidence for your clients
  • Premium Client Service
    Experienced, Multi-lingual, Professional
  • Tools to Trade
    Multiple Assets, Instruments & Research

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