Partner Label

Deliver Bespoke Trading Content for your clients without the burden of your own platform.


Features of the IX SYNC Partner Label

Customisable platform

Deliver a solution in your branding.

Customise the layout, add your logo, integrate your brand colours to the platform, charts, widgets and more.

Integrate your website

Allow your clients to trade and engage with you from one place.

Whether you deliver signals or trade opportunities, share it within the platform in real time.

Use your Content & Services

Provide your unique information, tools & services.

Host from your website, YouTube and other channels.

How IX SYNC benefits your clients

  • Available in multi-languages
  • Lighting fast execution of trades
  • The full range of trading instruments available
  • Trade and access the platform from anywhere in the world, on any device
  • Allow an end to end trading experience from one central space
  • Trade, deposit and withdraw within a secure and regulated environment
  • Receive the full premium INFINOX support


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More reasons to get the IX SYNC Partner Label

  • Improved trading experience
    Increase trading activity with a platform which is more user friendly and easy to use on a daily basis.
  • Sub-IB offering
    Your sub-Ibs can also benefit by having a solution created for them under your arrangement.
  • Incentivise your clients
    Through the platform run a trading competition or promote an offer direct to your clients.
  • Support your clients 1-1
    Your clients can share with you directly their trades and positions, allowing you to give personal and direct 1-1 support.

INFINOX Reviews - What our clients say

IX social platform

IX social trading platform makes copy trading much easier for beginners specifically. Cuz sometimes if you lack experience you can be puzzled by all the functionality of copy trading and the amount of different settings. With IX social everything is clear and concise, everyone can handle it with ease.

Jianguo C.
June 6, 2023

I'm definitely thankful

This company is certainly appropriate for copy trading. It even decided to create a separated ecosystem specifically to attract those keen on automated trading. You just need to download the app and that's it. The interface is intuitively clear and user-friendly, I bet you won't get confused. I'm thankful to this broker for its client-orientedness.

John Y.
June 3, 2023

New IX Social

Oh! IX Social was updated recently? Today it has 2.0 version. The company constantly works on implementing new features and that's cool. Copy trading became more accessible with this broker. Wish more traders would use it as it's easier to earn money.

Waiy R.
May 18, 2023

The Perfect Trading Partner

Infinox is a reliable and trustworthy trading partner. Their new app, innovative tools and excellent customer service make trading a seamless experience.

Puspawati W.
May 17, 2023

Infinox's new app is a game-changer!

I was blown away! The app is incredibly intuitive and makes trading a breeze. It has valuable features like charting tools, news updates, and signals. What I love most is its simplicity - even newbies can easily navigate it.

Vichit A.
May 16, 2023

Variety of payments

It's good to have a wide range of payment mechanisms. And it's even better to have all of them free of charege, covered by the broekr. Although I don't use all those modern, fancy payment metods really, but the choice means that this company is highly client-oriented. It puts a lot of effort into satisfying the clients' needs.

Badruddeen Z.
March 31, 2023

Good products

I'm well aware of the fact that good products are costlier than others in the same category. However, I think they can drop their rates a bit without badly harming their profits. After all, if they do so, they'll attract even more customers - and that has the potential to expand their profits as a company even more. A win-win situation, don't you think?

Margaret S.
Aug 22, 2022

They have so many cool and distinct features

Since every CFD firm is different in the things to its clients, I think every brand should offer its unique WebTrader. Infinox doesn't have one, and that's quite a shame. They have so many cool and distinct features that deserve a platform for themselves.

Brent B.
May 23, 2022

I feel much more confident.

I came to INFINOX without knowledge, but now, after a year of trading CFDs, I feel much more confident. INFINOX sure made a great difference.

Jannie F.
Mar 18, 2022

I gave them 4 stars

It's well-known that Infinox has lots of clients, but still, I expect them to answer me a bit more quickly. This happens mainly on rush hours, but everybody knows there are rush hours. I hope they would hire some more representatives. After all, the answering speed issue is the only reason I gave them 4 stars and not 5...

Terry B.
Jul 20, 2022

There are such nice and professional

In some hours of the day, it seems Infinox doesn't have sufficient call representatives available. I hate to complain about the service center because there are such nice and professional people there. But I think this should be said.

Harry A.
May 25, 2022

I have no complains

Joining Infinox, I knew I'm in good and professional hands. That's why I have no complaints about their heavy-duty security protocols, yet I do have to admit that the application process is kinda complicated and was longer than expected

Keri E.
Jun 14, 2022

Lightning fast

Haha... Lightning-fast service, lol. But they are not wrong. Everything here, in my experience, works really quickly. The execution speed is superfast with a reliable platform. Anyway, quick and speedy service is assured here, which is one thing I really like.

Taj K
March 20, 2023



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Work with our premium partner team to discuss requirements


Platform Ready

Enjoy your bespoke platform for you clients to use

Get set up with IX SYNC Partner Label in 3 easy steps