IX MAM / PAMM Solution

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IX MAM / PAMM managed account solutions

If you are a money manager or have clients wanting you to manage their trades then the IX Partners MAM / PAMM solution is for you.

Our managed account solutions provide the option for clients to connect their account and enable you to provide a full service solution.

What is a MAM?

A MAM (Multi-Account Manager) allows for multiple clients to connect to one “master” account managed by a portfolio manager enabling them to receive the benefts of their expertise.

What is a PAMM?

The IX PAMM (Percentage Allocation Module Manager) solution allows you to share a percentage of your earnings to your clients.

Allowing the clients to diversify their portfolio under your management and professional expertise.

Benefits of the IX Partners MP solution

Allow you to share your trading performance and attract new clients

No extra plugins required, let IX set your account up quickly and efficiently

Receive your fees on a weekly or monthly basis

Customise your offering to clients within the same PAMM

Integrate your Sub-IBs to your PAMM

Allow your Sub-IBs to also benefit with their own performance fees

Available on both MT4 & MT5

How a PAMM account works

Money Manager$100,000

Investor A$15,000

Investor B$35,000

Investor A$50,000

Make a profit$12,500

Investor A + $5,000

Investor B + $3,500

Investor C + $1,500

Performance fee - $2,500

Any questions? We’re here to help

  • What is the amount received by managers and investors at the conclusion of each trading interval before compensation is granted?

    Considering the PAMM account achieved a 200% return, the manager earns 200% of their initial deposit, equivalent to 600 USD. On the other hand, the investor receives 200% of their investment, totaling 400 USD.

  • How are profits and losses allocated in PAMM accounts?

    All profits and losses are distributed solely based on the proportion of funds invested. In the mentioned scenario, the manager's portion is 60% (300 USD), while the investor's share is 40% (200 USD), resulting in a combined account balance of 500 USD.

  • What is the remuneration paid by investors to the manager?

    The investor compensates the manager with 20% of their profit, which amounts to 80 USD based on the 400 USD profit earned.

  • How is the payouts calculated?

    Once all calculations, including the trading interval results and remuneration payout, have been accounted for, the account balances for the manager and investor will be as follows:

    Investor's account balance: 200 USD (initial investment) + 400 USD (profit) - 80 USD (remuneration) = 520 USD.

    Manager's account balance: 300 USD (initial deposit) + 600 USD (profit) + 80 USD (remuneration) = 980 USD.



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